Anita Chang | Content Advisor, Production Consultant (U.S.)

Chang’s family emigrated to the U.S. from Taiwan in the 1960s. Her films include Tongues of Heaven, (Taiwan, Hawai’i) about indigenous peoples learning the languages of their forebears; Joyful Life (in collaboration with Hansen’s disease (leprosy) patients at Taiwan’s Lo-Sheng (Joyful Life) Sanatorium, and 62 Years and 6,500 Miles Between, about her relationship with her 100 year-old Taiwanese activist grandmother. She has lived and taught in Taiwan at National Taiwan University and National Dong Hwa University, and is currently completing her dissertation at Univ. of California, Santa Cruz.

Prof. Ellen D. Wu | Humanities Consultant (U.S., Taiwan)

Wu is Assoc. Prof. of History, University of Indiana, U.S., and author, is consultant on the historical context of the Love Boat. She is author of The Color of Success: Asian Americans and The Origins of the Model Minority, (Princeton Univ. Press). Her dissertation Chinese-American Transnationalism Aboard the Love Boat: The Overseas Chinese Youth Language Training and Study Tour to the Republic of China, is one of the few scholarly examinations of the Taiwan Love Boat published in English.