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Documentary film LOVE BOAT: TAIWAN announces its world premiere at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and at CAAMfest in San Francisco, CA.

Documentary examines the history and impact of the popular Republic of China (Taiwan) program for overseas Chinese and Taiwanese Americans.

San Francisco, CA – April 9th, 2019 ( – announced today the premiere screenings of LOVE BOAT: TAIWAN at two of North America’s most prestigious Asian American film festivals. Saturday, May 4th at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and Friday, May 17th at CAAMfest (Center for Asian American Media) in San Francisco.

"Today marks a major milestone in the effort to showcase one of the most fascinating and popular programs to ever come out of Taiwan,” said Valerie Soe, LOVE BOAT: TAIWAN’s writer, producer and director. "The film looks at the the program’s political and cultural impact, as well as the lifelong friendships and romances of the Love Boat’s thousands of alumni.”

The Love Boat has a rich history and many famous alumni have passed through the program over the years including US Congresswoman Judy Chu, buzzfeed’s Justin Tan, and singer Wang Lee Hom. Although it started out in 1967 as a small cultural program, over the years the Love Boat eventually became harder to gain entry into than many colleges. There was no marketing budget and the Love Boat’s popularity stemmed from its word-of-mouth reputation. LOVE BOAT: TAIWAN explores the ways that the government of Taiwan used this unique “soft power” program to promote Taiwan around the world which permanently affected the lives of many Asian Americans.

At each screening there will be a post-screening Q&A session along with limited afterparty access. Details of more future screening dates around the world will be soon to come. To donate and help subsidize the production of this documentary please visit:

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LOVE BOAT: TAIWAN, a feature-length documentary, examines of one of the longest running summer programs in the world. LOVE BOAT: TAIWAN revisits the program's participants and explores the history and popularity of this well-known trip, sponsored by the Republic of China (Taiwan) government, which takes place every summer in Taiwan. Despite its high-minded aspirations that include classes in Mandarin-language study, martial arts, and brush painting, the program’s popularity stems from another source: its reputation as an excellent place for college- aged overseas Chinese and Taiwanese Americans to hook up and find romance. For this reason—even though it does not take place on a ship, but at a conference center in Taipei—the program is more commonly known by its romantic nickname - the Taiwan Love Boat.

About Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival:

The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (LAAPFF) – formerly known as VC FilmFest – is an annual film festival presented by Visual Communications (VC). It was established in 1983 as a vehicle to promote Asian Pacific American and Asian international cinema. The festival fulfills a unique mission in illuminating the visions and voices of Asian Pacific peoples and heritage. The festival is held in Los Angeles in May, which is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

About CAAMfest:

Known prior to 2013 as the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, (SFIAAFF) is presented every May in the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States as the nation’s largest showcase for new Asian American and Asian films. It annually presents approximately 130 works in San Francisco, Berkeley and San Jose. The festival is organized by the Center of Asian American Media. (Center for Asian American Media) is a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting stories that convey the richness and diversity of Asian American experiences to the broadest audience possible. CAAM does this by funding, producing, distributing and exhibiting works in film, television and digital media. For more information on CAAM, please visit

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